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Case study: Teleinstallations for Jeronimo Martins Polska in Gorzów Wielkopolski

One month. That's how much time we had to install a fire alarm system and fire protection throughout the facility for the Jeronimo Martins logistics center. How did we manage to meet such a short deadline? Read our case study.

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How to build relations with investor and general contractor. Interview with Łukasz Piskorski, project manager at Akson

How can one prepare for the unpredictable? How to plan in a changing environment? Łukasz Piskorski is our experienced project manager who has detailed knowledge that work on the execution requires, above all, change management skills. On our blog, he reveals how he prepares for a new investment. What is more, he shares his ways of building lasting relationships with the investor and the contractor despite the challenging working conditions.

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Our project: Focus Mall in Zielonej Górze

It was not the first shopping mall in our portfolio, but definitely the largest and most specific one. Why? Maciej Szczodrowski, head of our design department, talks about one of the most demanding projects in the history of Akson Elektro.

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